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btwn has experience and know-how to guide you safely through the digital transformation. Replacing manual processes with automated and remote solutions.

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Automation for the future

The industry is facing a digital revolution. The goal is quite simple: All relevant data from any level in a company must be available to everyone who needs it accurately and without delay. Acheiveing this goal is however often far from simple. btwn is ready to guide our clients towards closing the gap.

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Digital transformation

Where are you and your business on the digital transformation maturity ladder? btwn can help you identify your position with a digital screening! Digital transformation is not a project as such, but rather a change in the way you operate and manage your business. And believe us: This is a true game-changer!

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Software and applications

Operational software is computer software designed to improve and streamline the regular operations of a business.  

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About us

Digital solutions will lead to dramatic changes in the years to come. btwn is here to help you face them.
Digitalization will affect not only production and maintenance, but also business administration and reporting. In short: Everything we do.
To see all aspects of what a digital transformation can lead to for your company, btwn puts together teams of experts within IT, data, and automation.
About us

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