Automation for the future

Although a new company, btwn is bringing along a legacy going back many years, from several companies. 

We offer automation-solutions in any scale to several fields: oil and gas (O&G), green energy, onshore/offshore industry, aqua, and marine. A solution signed by btwn will always be future-oriented with high focus on meeting our customers' needs and requirements. We pride ourselves in delivering solutions that can seamlessly be incorporated in digital strategies and systems.

Automation for the future

The industry is facing a revolution. Companies are expected to deliver more efficiently and more accurately than ever before. Decisions are based on correct and relevant information at a rapid pace and often autonomously.  

Our objective is quite simple: all relevant data from any level in the company must be available to everyone who needs it – accurately and without delay. btwn can deliver complete automation systems and upgrade existing systems to meet the specific needs your company have and make sure you are on the right path into the digital future.

Independent, flexible and open 

We rely on and encourage a strong and active involvement from our clients in all the projects phases and make decisions together. That way, we ensure successful delivery of a system that meets our clients' expectations. 

All software from btwn will be open and without restrictions to the customer, thus providing a solution where the client may maintain and troubleshoot without support. Still, if needed, btwn will always be ready to support our customers in any task, no matter size. 


btwn deliver a wide range of systems, from the most basic standalone controllers to larger complex systems including multiple subsystems, HMI stations, and process orchestration. Our systems digitalize operational plans, automate the steps, and execute them autonomously. We have extensive knowhow on controlling machines and processes, and deliver systems that require high availability and level of safety.

We strive to always search for more efficient processes and work-methods. btwn has developed several tools as a consequence of this strategy. AutoGen as an example will automatically generate source code from an SCD drawing. This will save you up to 60% of source coding.

Our business areas


Automation for the future

The industry is facing a digital revolution. The goal is quite simple: All relevant data from any level in a company must be available to everyone who needs it accurately and without delay. Acheiveing this goal is however often far from simple. btwn is ready to guide our clients towards closing the gap.


Digital transformation

Where are you and your business on the digital transformation maturity ladder? btwn can help you identify your position with a digital screening! Digital transformation is not a project as such, but rather a change in the way you operate and manage your business. And believe us: This is a true game-changer!

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Software and applications

Operational software is computer software designed to improve and streamline the regular operations of a business.  

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