WE help businesses become data driven and ready for the future

Digital transformation
Digital transformation is not a project as such, but rather a change in the way you operate and manage your business.

Our approach for digital transformation is constituted on the best practises in combination with real life, in-field- and business-experience. This to ensure that you, as our trusted partner, get the best advice and guidance within relevant areas. 

btwn gives advice and guidance towards your digital vision and goals – from the necessary strategies, via data platforms for data liberation to BI reporting and analyses, machine learning (ML) artificial intelligence (AI) automation and beyond. We are technology-agnostics and favour the stone-by-stone, layer-by-layer approach.  

btwn guides clients towards becoming data-driven organizations where you run, control, and expand your business with decisions based on up-to-date and trusted data.

btwn covers all the important factors and aspects for succeeding in your digital transformation journey. There are several components making up this journey, and a holistic view in approaching the parts that make up your company’s data (e.g., security, cost control, planning, adoption, change management, data management) is key to delivering the digital system tailored to your needs and goals. We help businesses become data driven and ready for the future.

Where are you and your business on the digital transformation maturity ladder?

Let us help you identify your position with our digital screening. The scope of such screenings will be made together with you, making sure it is fit for your purpose – no more, no less. We take all areas of your business into view, from the miniscule areas of administration to the broader, heavy parts of production and operation. This way, the output of the digital screening provides you with an overview of the potential with digital transformation from specific initiatives to strategic elements. Furthermore, it also includes various maturity assessments in order for you to understand more about your own digital status.

How to get started?

Inclusion top-bottom/bottom-top and building the right mindset and culture throughout your organisation is crucial for success in digital transformation. Our introductory program supports and engages your people in all areas and builds engagement and the momentum needed for the transition.