your discussion partner and advisors through the digital transformation journey.

About us
While banking and finance have taken advantage of digital opportunities, most of the Norwegian and global industry has barely started its digital journey.

btwn is a young but experienced company providing digital transformation within the fields of industrial automation, software development services, and hyper automation. We work towards modernising and digitalise our trusted partners’ processes, systems, and products with new ideas and technology. btwn is an agile company that believes in a disruptive mindset and have an openness to change.  

For decades, banking and finance have taken advantage of the digital opportunities, while most of the companies in other industries have barely started their digital journey. btwn will identify and highlight untapped digital potential within your organisation, and provide you with the digital change capacity your company requires to meet your strategies – digitally and otherwise.

We are all affected by the digital transformation that over the last decades has spread throughout society and changed our ways of living. The public sector has been in the lead and digitalized our personal tax reports, Digipost, Altinn, and health data and thus saved us all both time and frustration. In the private sector, smart phones have made our life easier through numerous apps allowing us control and easy access to shopping, travel, smart homes, music, films, etc. Through this digital tsunami, that for sure will continue to change our lives at an accelerating pace, the industry has not been affected in the same way. While banking and finance have long since created solutions within the digital opportunities, most of the Norwegian and global industry has barley started.

Digital solutions can and will lead to dramatic changes in the years to come, not only within the industry’s production and maintenance, but also within business administration and reporting. Mature companies are struggling with legacy software and manual spreadsheets where the monthly reports summarize operational and financial information based on several weeks-old data. The same applies for machineries and mechanical equipment. But, if the software was linked to smart-sensors communicating to data-platforms, the information gathered would not only be up to date but also able to predict future behaviour and make use of your big data in a smarter, more competitive, and less disruptive way.

A digital transformation shall be profitable

A company embarks on its digital transformation-journey with a desire to become more profitable and competitive. Most obvious, profit will materialise itself though efficiency-gains when removing bottlenecks or manual processes. Moreover, profitability will also manifest itself through new business opportunities arising from the process.  

A digital transformation is not about cutting costs, but about efficiency gains and making the work place agile. As your digital partner, btwn will identify and highlight untapped digital potential within your organisation and provide you with the digital change capacity your company requires to meet your strategies – digitally and otherwise.

To be able to see all aspects of what a digital transformation actually can lead to for your company, btwn puts together a team of not only experts within IT and data, but also within automation in order to explore potential use of sensors, big data, robots, ESG emissions, and autonomous processes. Industry-experienced colleagues with financial and administrative competence and background are also part of every btwn-team. By doing so, we are able to identify manual and cumbersome work-processes within your company – as a whole but also department-wise. This allows for a continuous flow of real-time data directly to monthly reports. All reports will therefore be based on current data rather than four-six weeks old.


All companies, whether mature or start-ups, have accumulated valuable data, and with the right digital solutions this data can be employed in smarter, more profitable ways. btwn will help you realize the potential your company’s data has, and what you can do and achieve when processed the most optimal way.  

As a first step on your digital journey, btwn recommends a digital screening of your company. The outcome of such a screening will show how digitally mature your company is compared to others and peers, highlighting a selection of digital opportunities for your choosing.

New products and solutions are continuously launched, making it a challenge to stay on top of digital solutions best suited for your company and its strategic goals. To start the digital journey and find the right partner for the transformation can therefore be both intimidating and a puzzle.  

btwn views our clients as trusted partners, meaning a supplier striving to uphold a symbiotic relationship with the client. You get the best of our expertise when the lines of communication are trusted and open both ways- both parties are equal and together we arrive at the best solutions for you. In other words, it is important to underline that btwn does not offer a standard product, nor is it a system provider.  

As an independent company, we solely act as an advisor and discussion partner searching for the best digital solution for your company. You can look at us as a provider of a disruptive mindset for your company, where we together solve your challenges with customizing your very own digital system from the most optimized solutions available. If you need a data platform, data-application, or software solution not available in the market, btwn will assist in developing such tools through our internal resources.  

By contacting us you will encounter an industry-experienced team ready to be your trusted business partner and advisor through the digital transformation-journey.