The 4444 steps to the top of Lysefjorden.

On 09.06.22, the first edition of Camp btwn was held.

We are a relatively young company, and we have many new joiners this spring, so it was about time to find time for some "out of the office" bonding.

We wanted to do something unique, and our destination Flørli in Lysefjorden had everything we needed to make this expedition one for the books. And it is right on our doorstep.

Let us take a trip out of our comfort zone

Straight after we arrived at Flørli, the btwn’ers established our base camp. Not everyone has long experience with tents ;-), but it all went well. When the base camp was ready for the night, we embarked on the main and best-known challenge Flørli has to offer.


The 4444 steps to the top of Lysefjorden

This walk is no walk in the park for anyone. It's about 860 altimeters, and some parts of the path have a 50 degrees rise!. Finally, the reward in the form of a spectacular view is fantastic at the top! We did it as a team, and all for one and one for all, and we all made it to the top. The trip has a bucket-list quality to it. (If it's not on your list yet, you know what to do). 

Back down at Flørli we made a well-deserved dinner at our base camp over an open flame scout style. Interesting discussions continued well into the night around the campfire.

 Anearly rise the day after for a town hall, well, more of a village meeting in the old control room for the power station, "Brettet".

Weleft Flørli by boat in fantastic weather and spectacular views on our way to the expedition's final destination. Nausten på Bersagel, where we had excellent lunch served on regular tables and chairs. :-)


Thanks to Hessel at Flørli 4444 and Anne at Naustene på Bersagel for great help and excellent service.