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Hyperautomation Engineer

Vacant position

Our number of assignments are growing – we need to strengthen our team!

We’re looking for someone with fresh ideas and a desire to help bring the industry into the digital age. Experience from industry automation, control systems or SCADA systems are required. Knowledge and experience within simulation/modelling, OT/IT infrastructure and security is desired. Relevant experience in other areas will also be evaluated.


Ability to understand complex systems and see the bigger picture, identify what is needed and how to achieve it, while still have a desire to dig into the details and solve challenges at the core. You need be comfortable working both independently and in teams. 

Bachelor’s degree required. Minimum three years of relevant work experience in the above areas. 

Good communication skills, both orally and in writing (English, Norwegian)

Willingness to travel and work with client at their premises if required. 


btwn seeks a highly motivated person that can confidently take on responsibility within automation as well as the connection between OT and IT. Development and deployment of control system, standalone or part of larger systems, is also expected. As part of our development team, you will be expected to provide input and be part of making technical decisions. 

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Rune Voll Herikstad

About btwn

btwnis a young, but experienced company that provides services within automationand software development - hyper automation. With new ideas and technology, wewill modernise and digitalize our client’s processes, systems, and products. Weare agile and believe in a disruptive mindset and openness for change. We arelocated at Forus and we have international ambitions.